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These are some of the best words on the Internet: Happy three-day weekend! We hope you’re enjoying the time off. Does anyone else feel like February has flown by? When I was younger, I used to think that only “older” people said things like “time sure flies by.” Now, I want to eat my words every time I say the same thing.

While you’re enjoying your break, I hope you find some extra time to read some of the great blogs we had on Gizmodo this past week! If you want to learn more about some crazy crows, we tell you about a species that evolved into a new species and then had so much sex that it essentially reverted back to the species it was before it evolved. Yes, that happens.

Speaking of animals, there was also some interesting news this week related to monkeys and one of science’s greatest enigmas: the brain. New research revealed that anesthetized monkeys woke up when scientists prodded a tiny region in their brains linked to consciousness. Neuroscience experts state that the research is “an important step in making anesthesia safer,” for humans, that is.

On a completely different note, did you all hear about Parasite at the Oscars? I still can’t stop thinking about Parasite at the Oscars. In addition to all the gushing over the director, cast and movie itself, our team at Earther explains how the movie “painfully and honestly depicts the climate crisis, a first for a Best Picture winner.” It’s important to note that, as Earther explains, Parasite isn’t a typical disaster story. Instead, it’s a story with the climate crisis lurking in the background.

Finally, if you’re looking for something to watch this three-day weekend, I highly recommend Star Trek: Picard. In addition to being thoroughly entertained, you’ll also get to read io9’s amazing recaps and thoughts on the episodes every week. A recent article focused on Jean-Luc Picard’s new friends: the Romulans Laris and Zhaban. I won’t give away much, dear readers, but I will say that these characters are very intriguing.

Check out these great blogs and more below.

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