Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Clockwise from top left: Elena Scotti/Gizmodo/Getty Images; Drew Angerer (Getty); SpaghettiOs; AP.

It’s been a busy week for our friends at Facebook: Amid showing a bunch of loser far-right trolls and also Louis Farrakhan the door, kicking off an unhinged Twitter spree by the president, the company announced a confusing pivot towards being a privacy-first platform while also announcing other features designed to lure users into telling them who in their friend group they want to fuck. Good luck with that!

As the social media giant spent its week eternally twirling, twirling, twirling towards entropy, Gizmodo’s intrepid team of reporters and editors also turned their gazes elsewhere. For example, Amazon announced that it will have to continue using puny humans for labor for at least a decade, scientists believe that Alzheimer’s may be a “double-prion” disease, fake meat is getting better, and Twitter might have a secret tool to track the political leanings of journalists. Elsewhere, we ran down the weirdest airlines that went the way of the dinosaurs, asked scientists what would happen if that meteor hadn’t wiped out the actual dinosaurs, and dove into the weird world of height-enhancement scams.

All this and more, below:

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