Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Illustration: Jim Cooke (Gizmodo); Photo: Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore / National Park Service (Flickr); Screenshot: Science China Press; Graphic: Gizmodo

January 2019 is nearly over and—for now—so is the month-plus federal government shutdown that blanketed national parks in filth and destruction, played with disturbing consequences for the nationwide “air safety environment,” threw off disaster preparation efforts, broke federal websites, and disrupted scientific conferences. But just like an illegal Airbnb, the shutdown may come back in three weeks, worse and more frustrating than ever.

While we all wait for the omnipresent cloud of doom to return, might I suggest you dig into the best posts from this week on Gizmodo, featuring everything from bounty hunters buying phone location data and the evolution of neuroscience to eyebrow-raising monkey cloning experiments and a Shazam set visit. This and more below:

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